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Covid 19 Updates and changes

Updated Tuesday 5 October

As you know Wellington is currently under Level 2 'Delta' restrictions and is likely to be for some time.  

At Alert Level 2, there are no restrictions on who can be included in your household bubble, businesses can open and people can go to work while kids can go off to school. 

For the detail on what this Alert Level means see https://covid19.govt.nz/alert-levels-and-updates/alert-level-2/ 

We strongly urge everyone to get vaccinated ASAP, more information on vaccinations is here: https://covid19.govt.nz/covid-19-vaccines/how-to-get-a-covid-19-vaccination/book-your-covid-19-vaccination/ 

There is some additional Alert Level 2 advice for at- risk people: 

At Alert Level 2, at-risk people need to reduce contact with others. There is still some freedom to move around, but its important to follow public health measures. If you are an at-risk person, you will need to take extra precautions when doing this.

Things you can do to stay safe:

  • Only connect with small groups of close family, whānau, and friends — those in or close to your bubble.
  • Try not to interact with too many people outside of your own social circle as it could make contact tracing harder, if needed.
  • Keep a 2 metre distance from people you do not know in public places and take extra care with hygiene practices.
  • Wear a face covering where it is difficult to keep a 2 metre distance from people you do not know, for example in shops. 
  • Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching surfaces.
  • Wipe keys, handrails, and regularly touched surfaces.
  • Avoid passing around your mobile phone to other people.

See here for some information on wearing a mask and how to get mask exemption cards: Wear a face covering | Unite against COVID-19 (covid19.govt.nz)  

The Dementia Wellington team are making sure that we do not put our clients or our community contacts at any unnecessary risk and are therefore taking a cautionary approach to how we provide our services and support during Level 2 Delta. 

One-to-one appointments at homes or clinics: 

Our Dementia Advisors continue to be available to work remotely (phone, zoom) with clients and are now available to meet face-to-face while wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. 

Groups and seminars (Living Well groups, Supporter groups, Education seminars and Cog cafes): 

Our venues dictate what we can safely do mostly due to their size and how practical social distancing is. With that in mind, we are restarting all groups where we can keep to the venue guidelines.  In some cases, we will be using alternative venues if our usual ones aren't suitable.  

Please contact your Dementia Advisor if you would like more information or want to discuss any safety concerns related to masks, our venues or social distancing.  We are happy to work with your to come up with safe ways for you to access our services and socialise with others.  If you aren't already working with a Dementia Advisor, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

Covid-19 is changing our lives, and the Delta variant is much easier to transfer to others. Whether you are a person living with dementia or you are supporting a person with dementia, it is important to know what you can do to stay as safe as possible, and to look after your wellbeing.  We have put together practical information and tips to help you to remain safe and to help build resilience during lockdown and beyond, the link to our series of tips can be found on the page below.

Living with Level 2 restrictions can be a tough time for all of us.  Please check out these links to our tips if you need some ideas to support the wellbeing of yourself or someone you care for with dementia over this tricky time.

Our tips for supporting a person with dementia through COVID-19

Dementia Wellington Tips One - Introduction

Dementia Wellington Tips Two - Keeping Occupied

Dementia Wellington Tips Three - Wellbeing

Dementia Wellington Tips Four - Staying Connected when Apart

Dementia Wellington Tips Five - Daughters supporting Mothers

Dementia Wellington Tips Six - Having Purpose

Other wellbeing resources: 

Government Covid 19 wellbeing resources 

Getting through together 


In the meantime, stay safe and please let us know if you need help.  Our thoughts are with all of our Dementia Wellington community, including you, during this challenging time. 


Anne Schumacher

Chief Executive

Dementia Wellington